TOPGUN® The world's first portable powered sealant and caulking gun.

Customer Testimonials

We have used Topgun non-stop for almost 10 years including landmark projects in Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle. We seal joints from 5mm to 60 mm. Our workrate is at least 3 times faster than manual or electric guns, sometimes more. We use 10-33% less materials depending on the job.. Topgun is tough and reliable. We have never had a service call. Topgun has made us more competitive when bidding for jobs and improved our profitability on each project. We also do not face the risk of expensive insurance claims always a factor with other guns. We have found many other benefits such as cleaner working. We have laid more than 6 million linear-metres of sealant without a problem. Darryl Johnson, Director, Applicoat Pty Ltd.

Application speed is more than doubled over other gun types and material usage is cut by 5-30% depending on materials used. Engineering Excellence Awards

We now have four Topguns. We use these guns 6 days a week 8-10 hours per day primarily for sealing work for Girotto Precast. We have in fact measured our productivity increase at up to 200% for each of our operators. Topguns are now written-in to our Workplace Method Statement as the standard operating device. Neville Fullarton, Managing Director. GPCC, Sydney.

I hired a Topgun Airtool kit including both sausage and silicone gun applicators to apply 200 lineal metres of silicone expansion joints in compressed fibro sheeting. I found the gun to be light and simple to use and I also used the gun for sealing aluminium windows to structural steel framing, glue-fixing and sealing of fibreglass architectural mouldings, and glazing in aluminium and steel frames. I can thoroughly recommend it I found it saved time and money. Greg Baz, Project Manager, Quirante Holdings Pty Ltd.

Topgun is an impressive machine that greatly improved work output on our sites and was popular with our operators. We have utilised the tool for waterproofing preparation, joint and gap sealing, and internal and external expansion joints and to apply silicone finishes to our tiling jobs. John Lee, Director, Trulogic Pty. Ltd.

We have used our Topgun non-stop for two years on a wide range of projects including fireproof sealing work on World Tower . The tool has always performed to our complete satisfaction. Zoki Zikou, Foreman, Construction Industries, Sydney

CSR Technical Department has been working with Topgun to develop new application methods for Hebel Wall/floor and Powerpanel Systems. Topgun has developed innovative and creative solutions and their equipment has always performed well in the tests. M.Said, AMAIB, Construction & Technical Supervisor, CSR-Hebel.

Our operator was able to increase application speed by 3 times with Topgun and material use was halved. We also virtually eliminated taping of joints. There is no operator fatigue and no maintenance. Topgun paid for itself in a matter of weeks. We have eliminated the risk of Workers Compensation claims for RSI injuries through this type of work. Alan King, Manager, Waterproofing Division, Australand Apartments Division.

This product has successfully met the criteria for good design as set down by the Australian Design Mark™. Ross Wraight, Chief Executive, Standards Australia