TOPGUN® The world's first portable powered sealant and caulking gun.

TOPGUN Specifications

EXTERIOR Custom-moulded high-impact polypropylene carrycase with trolley wheels, extendable transport handle and security latches.
INTERIOR Purpose-built medical-grade, oil-free, ultra-light, compressor delivering continuous pressure and incorporating air filtration, pressure-relief valve and whisper-vent silencer.

Professional Airgun# suitable for small/large cartridges and sausages:
  • Centrally balanced to reduce load, improve control
  • Dump-valve prevents drip or run-on
  • Continuous pressure prevents pulsing, ridges
  • Integrated regulator provides on-the-move control
  • Fast-loading barrel-cap
  • Micro airline/fittings for on-the-job flexibility
  • Integrated clip-in gun-mounts in case lid
Electrical console* incorporating:
  • Universal Power Input (10amps)
  • Automatic GP outlet (work-tools/lights)
  • Individual compressor switching
  • RCD-MCB safety switch
  • Triple Insulation
DIMENSIONS CASE: 60cm x 40cm x 25cm 8kg Complete
GUN+: 50cm AIRLINE: 6m standard (10, 20, 30, 50 or longer available)
SERVICE Consumables only. Self-service on-site.
WARRANTY 6 months, back to base
SECURITY Lockable, individual concealed customer coding

# Standard 'sausage' gun can be utilised for sausages and cartridges. Also available are silicone cartridge guns, super-sausage, ratio, bi-mixer guns etc.
+ Standard satchel/sausage gun. Cartridge and other guns available.
* Profi features. See delete options on other Models