TOPGUN® The world's first portable powered sealant and caulking gun.

TOPGUN has revolutionised workplace efficiency in caulking industries by at least doubling output, reducing waste and eliminating RSI injuries with its fully-powered, yet fully-portable sealant guns.

The patented, ultra-lightweight tool is self-contained, requires virtually no effort to load, carry or use and is suitable for all applications - from epoxies, glues and adhesives to silicones and gap sealants. It can deliver any media - cartridges, sachets, custom, ratio-paks and bi-mixers.

TOPGUN improves productivity by 200-400 percent, and reduces wastage, preparation, tooling and clean-up. It will pay for itself in less than three weeks. It is smaller, lighter, faster and cleaner to operate, and does not drip, pulse or run-on. It requires no training and even virgin operators can reach competence in minutes. It has banished downtime, absence and injury from workplaces where it is employed.

TOPGUN produces no emissions, incorporates advanced safety and security features, operates at almost inaudible sound levels, is energy-efficient and requires virtually no service or maintenance. Ultra low-cost consumables can be replaced in minutes on the worksite.

TOPGUN has been described as 'The Nailgun of the Sealant Industry' and has revolutionised application tasks across the planet.